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Jonas Wood Shelf Still Life

A newly commissioned work consisting of a group of colorful potted plants resting on a wooden shelf acting as a reminder of the greenery that populates the High Line in the warmer months.

Thomas Demand High Line

Thomas Demand has created a site-specific work in response to the unique environment of the elevated park. Demand’s image of colored clothespins clipped to two white clotheslines depicts a domestic scene that can also be read as a celestial landscape.

Gilbert & George Waking

For the High Line, Gilbert & George present Waking (1984), an image populated by the young that represent the primal life forces at their most formative and explosive stages.

Raymond Pettibon No Title (Safe He Called…)

With dense strokes and expressionistic lines, Pettibon conveys the movement and dynamism of a game between the Boston Red Sox and the Brooklyn Dodgers, evoking a longstanding history well-known to baseball fans: the departure of the Dodgers from Brooklyn to Los Angeles.

Ryan McGinley Blue Falling

A person set against a vast blue background seems to be floating in a sea or sky. Suggesting the levity of a body becoming liquid, Blue Falling is a dreamlike image where gravitational boundaries and coordinates are erased in favor of a limitless, enchanted world.

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Nicole Miller The Conductor

A man jerks his head and his face contorts and stretches as he conducts an orchestra without the aid of a conductor’s baton or music.

Victor Alimpiev Selected Works

A suite of three videos including Summer Lightnings (2004), Sweet Nightingale (2005), and To Trample Down an Arable Land (2009). In his poetic videos, Alimpiev records carefully choreographed performances that resemble collective rituals.

Haris Epaminonda Nemesis 52

The hypnotic choreography of Haris Epaminonda’s video produces a mesmerizing dreamscape reminiscent of a Rorschach test, where the still life is animated into a vibrant tableau.

Ulla von Brandenburg Shadowplay

This black-and-white video depicts a shadow theater featuring two men and a woman in nineteenth-century costume that move behind a screen and lip-synch to the melancholic singing of an off-stage choir.

Rosa Barba, Neïl Beloufa, Camille Henrot, and Basim Magdy Solar

Solar features works by Rosa Barba, Neïl Beloufa, Camille Henrot, and Basim Magdy. The artists engage science fiction, ecological research, and travel, depicting the earth as it faces climate change and ecological transformation.

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Various Artists Busted

A group exhibition installed in various locations along the High Line, “Busted” features nine sculptures that engage with the tradition of public landmarks and civic monuments that have defined our public spaces for centuries.

El Anatsui Broken Bridge II

A monumental tapestry made of pressed tin and mirrors, Broken Bridge II is the largest outdoor installation ever by the artist. The work is a stunning visual of wave-like patterns and folds, reflecting the surrounding landscape of the High Line and the fabric of the city.

Richard Artschwager Blps

A number of the artist’s iconic lozenge-shaped marks–blps – are installed on and around the High Line, drawing attention to architecture, structures, and surfaces that usually go unnoticed, and creating an opportunity for the “useless looking”.

Virginia Overton Untitled

A pickup truck with its bed filled with bricks is turned into a sculpture installed on the stacked parking next to the High Line. The artist creates a temporary monument to American car culture and life in today’s metropolises, turning the city itself into a pedestal for artist interventions.

Thomas Houseago Lying Figure

Lying Figure is a 15-foot-long bronze sculpture of a headless giant resting on its elbows on the wooden rail ties between the High Line’s original rail tracks.

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High Line Art Dinner

The first-ever High Line Art Dinner, with proceeds helping Friends of the High Line sustain the public art program and ongoing maintenance and operations of the park, featured sunset cocktails, an intimate seated dinner in the Chelsea Market Passage, and an incredible performance conceived by artist Pablo Bronstein.

Jennifer West Screening of One Mile Film

The result of a day-long performance, the film features images of rooftops, the New York City skyline, and other locations typically not accessible to the public intertwined with those markings left by the visitors during the performance, including shoe and hand prints, written messages, drawings, and stroller wheel tracks.

Simone Forti High Line Art Talk

Legendary artist and dancer Simone Forti (b. 1935) talks about her experimental dance practice in anticipation of Huddle, her performance on the High Line on Thursday, May 24.

Charles Mary Kubricht and Dr. Timothy O’Neill High Line Art Talk

Artist Charles Mary Kubricht, whose High Line installation Alive-nesses: Proposal for Adaptation draws inspiration from World War I military warship camouflage, is joined in conversation by Dr. Timothy O’Neill, a military expert in camouflage.

Julianne Swartz High Line Art Talk

Listen to Julianne Swartz speak about Digital Empathy, her sound installation in unexpected places on the High Line, and how it fits into her body of multimedia work.

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Jamal Cyrus Texas Fried Tenor

In “Texas Fried Tenor,” Jamal Cyrus creates a dynamic, sensorial, and eclectic soundscape by deep-frying a saxophone while reciting a poem based on the Texas Tenor saxophone tradition.

Benjamin Patterson A Penny for Your Thoughts

Patterson’s performance promotes an exchange between artist and viewer in which the artist offers participants hats constructed from newspapers in exchange for an idea, imbuing the performance with a type of humor common to many Fluxus projects.

Pablo Bronstein Intermezzo: Two girls wear fashion garments on a palm tree

A tall palm tree functions as the fulcrum of Pablo Bronstein’s performance in which two ballet dancers – dressed in fancy gowns – will climb to the top of the tree with the help of a scissor lift.

Mungo Thomson Crickets

In celebration of the summer solstice, Thomson restages Crickets, a music composition performed by a live orchestra consisting of violins, flutes, and percussion that mimic the sound of crickets based on field recording of ambient sound from different parks and forests from around the world.

Jennifer West One Mile Parkour Film

A day-long performance where the public is invited to walk on, touch, dance, and alter a one-mile-long celluloid filmstrip adhered to the entire length of the High Line’s pathway, leaving their mark on the filmstrip with their shoes, heels, and hand prints to etch the film with the walkway’s many surfaces.

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