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John Wesley Nine Female Inmates of the Cincinnati Workhouse Participating in a Patriotic Tableau

A reimagining of the artist’s 1976 painting; a composition featuring nine women costumed to depict the “Betsy Ross” thirteen-star American flag.

Louise Lawler Triangle (adjusted to fit)

Known for photographs of other artists’ works, Louise Lawler brings to the High Line an image of a room featuring works by Minimalist and Conceptual Art icons Donald Judd, Frank Stella, and Sol LeWitt.

Faith Ringgold Groovin High

A colorful and paradigmatic story quilt depicting a crowded dance hall, “Groovin High” is evocative of Ringgold’s memories of Sunday afternoon dances at the Savoy.

Jonas Wood Shelf Still Life

A newly commissioned work consisting of a group of colorful potted plants resting on a wooden shelf acting as a reminder of the greenery that populates the High Line in the warmer months.

Thomas Demand High Line

Thomas Demand has created a site-specific work in response to the unique environment of the elevated park. Demand’s image of colored clothespins clipped to two white clotheslines depicts a domestic scene that can also be read as a celestial landscape.

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Michael Stipe and Dominic DeJoseph We All Go Back To Where We Belong, John

A video portrait in the style of Andy Warhol’s “Screen Tests” by Michael Stipe and Dominic DeJoseph and starring John Giorno.

Sophia Al-Maria Axis Mundi

Sophia Al-Maria’s videos, installations, and writing consider the ways in which we are becoming increasingly intertwined with the technology that surrounds us, particularly through the lens of the Gulf region where the artist is based.

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Hannah Black and Sara Magenheimer Body Language

“Body Language” is a group exhibition in video format that focuses on the works of Hannah Black and Sara Magenheimer, whose video works explore the ways in which language determines and is eluded by our relationships to our bodies.

Yuri Ancarani IL CAPO

Yuri Ancarani’s video IL CAPO (2010) is a documentary following the foreman of the most famous marble quarry in the world in Carrara, Italy.

Various Artists Experimental People

“Experimental People” is a group exhibition in video format featuring four artists exploring new forms of communication in the digital age.

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Zoe Leonard I want a president

High Line Art presents a new and timely presentation of “I want a president” (1992), the iconic work by American artist Zoe Leonard, on the occasion of the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

Kathryn Andrews Sunbathers I & II

Two aluminum boxes featuring screen-printed photographs responding to the High Line.

Various Artists Wanderlust

A group exhibition that explores the themes of walking, journeys, and pilgrimages.

Nari Ward Smart Tree

A Smart car with an apple tree sprouting from its roof, inspired by a childhood memory of the artist.

Barbara Kruger Untitled (Blind Idealism Is…)

A large-scale, hand-painted mural based on a quote from philosopher Franz Fanon, this new work continues the artist’s unabashed criticism of culture and power.

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Radamés "Juni" Figueroa Mutations: La Deliciosa Show

A music performance as part of Radamés “Juni” Figueroa’s piece “La Deliciosa Show” by Puerto Rican band Los Vigilantes.

Darren Bader, "chess: relatives": Pick-Up Game

On July 6, High Line Art is organizing a special pick-up game of chess for up to 34 individuals and small groups who would like to play.

Radamés "Juni" Figueroa Mutations: La Deliciosa Show

A music performance as part of Radamés “Juni” Figueroa’s piece “La Deliciosa Show” by Puerto Rican band La Exitosa.

Civic Education Workshops

The High Line and The Kitchen host an afternoon of workshops and info sessions focused civic education.

Readings and performances in response to Zoe Leonard's "I want a president"

A series of readings and performances in response to Zoe Leonard’s “I want a president,” installed on the High Line through November 17, 2016.

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Jesús "Bubu" Negrón The Back Portrait

Negrón presents a new iteration of his ongoing drawing project wherein he draws the backs of willing visitors, and then gives the sitter the original drawing, keeping a photocopy for himself.

Eduardo Navarro We who spin around you

A meditative performance featuring custom-made sun viewing masks and lectures by an astrophysicist.

Maria Hassabi Movement #2 (2016)

A new performance choreographed for four dancers.

Naama Tsabar Composition 20

A sonic and sculptural performance featuring twenty musicians standing on their amplifiers.

Marinella Senatore and Nástio Mosquito Visible on the High Line: Making Collaborations

A co-presentation with Creative Time, this event will include site-specific performances by Marinella Senatore and Nástio Mosquito.

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