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John Wesley Nine Female Inmates of the Cincinnati Workhouse Participating in a Patriotic Tableau

A reimagining of the artist’s 1976 painting; a composition featuring nine women costumed to depict the “Betsy Ross” thirteen-star American flag.

Louise Lawler Triangle (adjusted to fit)

Known for photographs of other artists’ works, Louise Lawler brings to the High Line an image of a room featuring works by Minimalist and Conceptual Art icons Donald Judd, Frank Stella, and Sol LeWitt.

Faith Ringgold Groovin High

A colorful and paradigmatic story quilt depicting a crowded dance hall, “Groovin High” is evocative of Ringgold’s memories of Sunday afternoon dances at the Savoy.

Jonas Wood Shelf Still Life

A newly commissioned work consisting of a group of colorful potted plants resting on a wooden shelf acting as a reminder of the greenery that populates the High Line in the warmer months.

Thomas Demand High Line

Thomas Demand has created a site-specific work in response to the unique environment of the elevated park. Demand’s image of colored clothespins clipped to two white clotheslines depicts a domestic scene that can also be read as a celestial landscape.

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Various Artists Faraway So Close

A group exhibition in video format featuring a selection of films and videos imagining the ways in which artists re-write history.

Mika Rottenberg Bowls Balls Souls Holes

Set inside a bingo hall, the video imagines different possibilities for what it could mean to produce and consume luck.

Brian Edgerton Endless Spiral

A series of three recent animated videos created by flying a virtual camera through an arrangement of colorful abstract shapes.

Various Artists Open Studios

A group exhibition in video format which features a selection of videos that expose the playful and creative inner workings of the artist studio.

Aleksandra Domanovic Identity Crisis

A series of four videos that explore the crisis in identity in the former Yugoslavia.

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Kerry James Marshall Above the Line

A large-scale, hand-painted mural newly conceived for the High Line, this particular comic painting imagines the redevelopment of rooftop water tanks as luxury homes and condominiums.

Olafur Eliasson The collectivity project

An interactive installation of an imaginary cityscape built with over two tons of white LEGO bricks.

Rashid Johnson Blocks

A new site-specific work installed among the vegetation of the High Line. The sculpture will transform as it interacts with the surrounding plant life over the course of its residency in the park.

Various Artists Panorama

An open-air exhibition that takes inspiration from the High Line as an urban park cutting straight through the city, creating new vistas and vantage points onto the surrounding natural and man-made landscapes.

Various Artists Pier 54

Conceived as a tribute to and reaction against “Pier 18,” organized by Willoughby Sharp in 1970, “Pier 54” exists as a series of documentations of actions by 27 female artists.

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Cheryl Donegan and Melanie Kress In Conversation

High Line Art to host a conversation between Cheryl Donegan and Melanie Kress, High Line Art Assistant Curator, followed by a screening of the program’s featured videos.

2016 High Line Art Dinner

The third annual High Line Art Dinner, featuring sunset cocktails and an intimate seated dinner in the Chelsea Market Passage. Proceeds help Friends of the High Line sustain its public art program and ongoing maintenance and operations of the park.

Mark Dion and Cecilia Alemani Walk & Talk: Nature and the Unexpected

Artist Mark Dion and High Line Art’s Cecilia Alemani explore the places in which art and the natural world collide.

2014 High Line Art Dinner

The second annual High Line Art Dinner, featuring sunset cocktails and an intimate seated dinner in the Chelsea Market Passage. Proceeds help Friends of the High Line sustain the public art program and ongoing maintenance and operations of the park

2013 High Line Art Dinner

The first High Line Art Dinner, with proceeds helping Friends of the High Line sustain the public art program and ongoing maintenance and operations of the park, featured sunset cocktails, an intimate seated dinner in the Chelsea Market Passage, and an incredible performance conceived by artist Pablo Bronstein.

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Marinella Senatore and Nástio Mosquito Visible on the High Line: Making Collaborations

A co-presentation with Creative Time, this event will include site-specific performances by Marinella Senatore and Nástio Mosquito.

Kevin Beasley Untitled Stanzas: Staff/Un/Site

An immersive sound installation presented at the Rail Yards, featuring live and recorded sounds found in locations throughout the park.

Aki Sasamoto Food Rental

A new performance commissioned by High Line Art featuring a custom built food cart from which the artist offers a menu of micro performances.

Francisca Benitez As you lean on me and I lean on you, we move forward

The artist will engage park visitors in a series of three interrelated vignettes that weave through the park along paths choreographed in signs.

Ryan McNamara Misty Malarky Ying Yang

To mark the 35th anniversary of Jimmy Carter’s “Malaise Speech,” the artist and a group of dancers will recite the famous speech in a vibrantly costumed formation that parades down the High Line

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