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Jennifer West
Screening of One Mile Film

October 17, 2012
6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
On the High Line under The Standard, New York

High Line Art presents a special outdoor screening of One Mile Film, a new feature-length HD video by Los Angeles-based artist Jennifer West. The video has been transferred to a high-definition format from a 35mm filmstrip which was part of West’s High Line Art Performance on Wednesday, September 13, 2012.

For her High Line Art Performance, West adhered a one-mile-long 35mm celluloid filmstrip to the entire length of the High Line’s pathway for one day. She invited the public to walk on, touch, draw, and make their mark on the filmstrip. The distressed filmstrip was then spliced together and transferred to high-definition video resulting in the 58 minute, 40 second new work. The film features images shot by West and her crew in June 2012 of rooftops, the New York City skyline, and other locations typically not accessible to the public. Sections of the film also feature two New York-based Parkour traceurs, Thomas Dolan and Vertical Jimenez, performing in restricted areas in New York City, including the final section of the High Line at the Rail Yards. Visible throughout the video are markings from the High Line Art Performance, including shoe and hand prints, written messages, sand paper marks, drawings, stroller wheel tracks, animations, and etchings from the pathway’s surface.

One Mile Film, 2012
58 minutes, 40 seconds, 35mm negative and film print transferred to high-definition video, no sound

One Mile Film (5,280 feet of 35mm film negative and print taped to the mile-long High Line walk way in New York City for 17 hours on Thursday, September 13th, 2012 with 11,500 visitors – the visitors walked, wrote, jogged, signed, drew, touched, danced, parkoured, sanded, keyed, melted popsicles, spit, scratched, stomped, left shoe prints of all kinds and put gum on the filmstrip – it was driven on by baby strollers and trash can wheels and was traced by art students – people wrote messages on the film and drew animations, etched signs, symbols and words into the film emulsion lines drawn down much of the filmstrip by visitors and Jwest with highlighters and markers – the walk way surfaces of concrete, train track steel, wood, metal gratings and fountain water impressed into the film; filmed images shot by Peter West – filmed Parkour performances by Thomas Dolan and Vertical Jimenez – running on rooftops by Deb Berman and Jwest – film taped, rolled and explained on the High Line by art students and volunteers), 2012, 58 minutes, 40 seconds

Peter West, Cinematographer; Frank Larson, Assistant Camera; Jordan Benke, High Line Art Project Manager; Deb Berman, Production Coordinator; Jon Huron, Production Assistant

Cecilia Alemani, Deb Berman, Elena Bernstein, Leila Farhood, Bridget Gramling, Erika Harvey, Carole Honig, Tom Morris, Kirsten Nicholas, Marisa Rendina, Maggie Romano, Ashley Tickle, Jennifer West

Elena Bernstein, Irene Buchman, Jan Farber, Leila Farhood, Andrea Garcia, Claudia Gerlach-Fohrbeck, Bridget Gramling, Annik La Farge, Tom Morris, Kirsten Nicholas, Maria Padavano, Ye Sul Park, Barbara Proctor, Marisa Rendina, Gary Roth, Magdalyn Segale, Judith Stein, Jimmy Wood

4th and 5th grade students from PS3 Charrette Elementary School NYC

Deb Berman, Jordan Benke, Kirsten Nicholas, Maggie Romano, Corey Snide, Jennifer West, Stephanie Yee

Mariah Csepanyi, Chris Hanke and Jeffrey Kool.

Photos by Liz Ligon. 

Jennifer West

Jennifer West (b. California) lives and works in Los Angeles. Recent solo exhibitions include Marc Foxx, Los Angeles (2013); S1 Artspace, Sheffield, England (2012); Vilma Gold, London (2011); Contemporary Art Museum, Houston (2010); Western Bridge, Seattle (2010); Kunstverein Nuremberg, Nuremberg (2010); Transmission Gallery, Glasgow (2008), and White Columns, New York (2007). She was an Artist in Residence at the MIT List Visual Arts Center and has been commissioned for special projects at the Tate Modern, London and the Aspen Art Museum, Colorado. Her work has been included in group exhibitions at the Saatchi Collection Gallery, London (2012); Henry Moore Foundation, Leeds (2012); Remap, Athens (2011); White Columns, New York (2011); Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt, Germany (2010); and the Seattle Art Museum, Seattle (2010), among many others. West was shortlisted for the 2012 3rd Annual Nam June Paik Center Award in Korea.


High Line Art is presented by Friends of the High Line and the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation. High Line Art is supported by Vital Projects Fund, Inc., and, in part, with public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council and from the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature. In-kind sponsorship for High Line Billboard is provided by Edison ParkFast. Special thanks to Kodak, Fotokem, The Kitchen, and The Standard, New York.

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